Live Play Workshop

Live Play Workshop Lessons – Royse Bassham

Royse “Big Gravy” Bassham has thrived as a professional performing educator on the drum set in the vibrant Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. Graduating from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, Royse had the privilege to study under legendary studio professionals.

With an illustrious 40-year journey as a student of the drum set, Royse identifies as a true fusion player, melding Corps and Scottish style snare drumming with the intensity of extreme metal, advanced funk fusion, rock, Latin, and jazz styles. Beyond drumming techniques, Royse’s teachings delve into Practical Musicianship, emphasizing professionalism, showmanship, and a distinctive approach to coaching Rock Bands akin to a sports team. His guidance heavily emphasizes discipline, teamwork, and precision timekeeping, thoroughly preparing his students for professional performance settings.